Proudly American Made.

In an industry where many of the larger brands have migrated their production overseas to reduce overhead and increase margins, it means a lot to be able to say our grills are still truly American Made at our family’s factory in Southeast Missouri. We’re glad you’re here. And when you decide to buy your next grill, we hope you choose a brand Made in America, not just “assembled.” Feel free to come by our factory for a visit. No passport required!

Wood Pellet Grills

Simply the best cooking grills on the market. We are proud to fully manufacturer our grills in the USA and build them for the best cook on the planet.

100% Pure Hard Wood Pellets

Just like the titles says. Our pellets are pure wood with no fillers for a slower, longer burn with less ash and great flavor.

Sauces and Rubs

From spicy to sweet to savory and everything in between. Check out our line of sauces and rubs along with a great collection of our favorites.

Grilling and Smoking Accessories

All the grilling toys and add-ons you could possibly need to take your grilling game to the next level for our grills or any grill.

Service Parts

Every part and wire you could possibly need to tune up or fix your Smokin Brothers grill and many other pellet smokers.

Smokin Brothers Gear

Show some love for your favorite brand of American Made wood pellet grills. Hats, shirts, aprons, and more.

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Family. Food. Fun.

Gatherings for our family have always consisted of a meal to bring everyone together.  This passion for family, food, and fun led to the creation of the Smokin Brothers competition team in the fall of 2005, and shortly thereafter, Smokin Brothers, Inc. in 2008.  Our first truly American Made wood pellet grills rolled out of our factory in 2011.  Click below to check out the rest of our story.

Our Customers Say It Best

What's For Dinner?

How To Smoke Tri Tip

Marty Plute from Twisted Steel and Jay from Korte Meat walk us through the process to smoking some mouth-watering Tri Tip! Ingredients: Myron Mixon Marinade M/W Smokers Stackhouse or other SPG rub Twisted Steel Sultry Smoke Twisted Steel Steak Appeal Tri-Tip Beef Tallow Butcher Paper Steps: 1. Trim up your

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Peach Cobbler

How To Smoke Peach Cobbler

One of the many great things about Wood Pellet Grills is their versatility and ability cook in several different ways. While you are using your wood pellet grill to cook dinner, you can also toss on dessert. This is a great Peach Cobbler cook from our friends at Meat Whiskey

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