How To Smoke Tri Tip

Marty Plute from Twisted Steel and Jay from Korte Meat walk us through the process to smoking some mouth-watering Tri Tip!


Myron Mixon Marinade

M/W Smokers Stackhouse or other SPG rub

Twisted Steel Sultry Smoke

Twisted Steel Steak Appeal


Beef Tallow

Butcher Paper


1. Trim up your Tri-tip. Typically you’ll want to cut out the heavy fat and the silver skin and be sure to get all the sides.

2. Once it’s all trimmed up, take your Myron Mixon Marinade and rub in a nice even coat on both sides.

3. Then take your M/W Stackhouse or other SPG Rub and get a nice layer on the top. Let that sit for a few minutes.

4. After you’ve waited, sprinkle on a good layer of your Twisted Steel Sultry Smoke and Twisted Steel Steak Appeal.

5. It’s time to cook. Put your Tri-Tip on the smoker at 360F. Keep an eye on the temperature and wait until the Tri-Tip gets to about 105F.

6. Once the Tri-Tip reaches 105F, apply your beef tallow to the searing surface as well as the to the surface of the Tri-Tip.

7. At this point, check on the triptip often to keep an eye on its temperature as well as to know when to flip it or apply more beef tallow to your surfaces.

8. Once the Tri-Tip reaches 125F/130F and the surfaces are sufficiently seared, remove the Tri-Tip and wrap it up in some butcher paper.

9. Let the Tri-Tip rest for a few minutes.

10. Now the Tri-Tip is ready to be sliced. Remember to make your cuts against the grain.

11. At this point, we recommend a dusting of more SPG. We used Stackhouse Hot for an extra kick.

Serve and ENJOY!

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