Myron Mixon BARQ 3.0
Myron Mixon BARQ 3.0

Welcome to the new home of the Myron Mixon BARQ Wood Pellet Grills.  Combining the knowledge and experience of Myron Mixon as a Five-Time World Champion and “Winningest Man in BBQ” with the grill building expertise of Smokin Brothers brings a game-changing line-up of grills to the market. And, with an increased distribution network, more people than ever will be able to elevate their backyard BBQ game to #ChampionshipGrade.

BARQ-2400 Wood Pellet Grill

$3,399 MSRP

BARQ-3600 Wood Pellet Grill

$4,999 MSRP

  • Industry Leading Cooking Surface

    Whether you are cooking for a small gathering of friends and family or a larger event, the BARQ series grills have an unmatched amount of cooking surface available. At 2,400 and 3,600 square inches, these grills pack a lot of grilling capacity. The 3600 model can comfortably hold up to 12 full-sized hotel pans.

  • Competition Cart Standard

    Competition Carts are a popular item that in most cases are an additional add-on purchase. Not on the BARQs. Both models come with the mobility and storage of a cart with every purchase.

  • Heavy Gauge Steel Firebox and Stainless Lid

    With a heavy gauge firebox and lid with double-walled chamber, the BARQ grills make use of seriously heavy steel to help ensure that heat and smoke stay contained within the grill and weather out.

  • Que-View WiFi Enabled Controller

    This American-Made controller puts the ability to control your new grill from anywhere in addition to having incredible temperature stability regardless of outside temperature and weather.

  • Ideal Depth For Aluminum Pans

    When cooking with pans, wood pellet smokers often lack the depth necessary to hold multiple pans. This was an important design element to Myron and drive the square design of the BARQ models.

  • Large Front Hopper

    Moving the hopper to the front of the grill — unlike the industry standard of side placement, results in several benefits including an awesome front work surface, the ability to easily build into outdoor kitchens, and increased auger efficiency.

  • Stainless Steel Burner Assembly

    Increase reliability and hotter burning temperatures make the extra investment into stainless steel materials for the burner assembly well worth it.

  • Unique Down Draft Smoke Stack Design

    Our down draft approach to smoke dispersement results in a fully-charged cooking chamber and also forces the smoke on the interior to make its way back through the meat before exiting through the stack.

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