Replacing the Hot Rod

These instructions will show how to replace the fire hot rod and fuse in the Smokin Brothers Grill.

Unplug the grill before doing any type of work on the grill.

Fire Hot Rod Replacement

1 – Open the lid and remove the grids, the heat deflector, the grease pan and the heat deflector shield.

With the above items removed, it allows access to the fire pot where the hot rod is located.

2 – Underneath the grill, unplug the purple and white wire. These are the wires that control the hot rod.

3 – Loop these wires together and tie into a loose knot so as not to get them into the muffin fan area and cause a jam in the muffin fan.

4 – Bring the knotted wire around to the top side, undo the knot and slide the white wire into the square slot to keep it out of the way.

5 – Go to the fire pot and remove the 4 bolts.

6 – Pull the fire pot forward and turn either to the right or left and pull the fire pot out of the slot.

The fire hot rod is located on the fire pot.

7 – Use an Allen head tool to remove the set screw that holds the fire hot rod in place.

8 – Pull the fire hot rod all the way out with wire attached to it.

Mark the bad fire hot rod with the serial number of the grill and the name of the person who purchased the grill. Place it in an envelope and mail it to Double D Supply Company.

9 – Take the new fire hot rod and slide it into the square slot where the wire was originally pushed through.

10 – Slide the fire hot rod all the way down to the end where the fire pot goes.

11 – Take the new fire pot rod and slide it into the fire pot so about one inch of the rod shows through the bottom of the fire pot.

12 – Using the Allen head tool, tighten the set screw.

Be careful not to tighten the set screw too tight as this will crack the ceramic inside the fire hot rod that was being replaced.

13 – Insert the fire pot back into the slot and put in the 4 bolts.

14 – Pull the wire back through and connect to the white and purple wires. Make sure wires are kept away from the muffin fan.

15 – Put the heat deflector shield, the grease pan, the heat deflector and the grids back inside of the grill.

Replacing the Fuse – Needs to be done when the fire hot rod is replaced.

1 – Remove the 2 screws from the heat controller cover located on the front of the hopper.

2 – The fuse block will have a new fuse zip tied to the terminal block.

3 – Replace the blown fuse with the new fuse.

4 – Push the terminal back into place on the front of the grill hopper and attach the heat controller cover with the 2 screws.

Plug the grill back in and you’re ready to start grill again.

Any questions on replacing the fire hot rod and fuse replacement, call 1-877-GRILLEM (1-877-474-5536) or go to our website,

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