Smokin Brothers Grill Maintenance

Follow these steps to keep your Smokin Brothers Grill running great for many years.

Unplug the grill before doing any repairs or maintenance on the grill.

-Maintain the outside of the grill and keep it looking new by occasionally wiping it down using a degreaser that is food safe or use Dawn Dishwashing Soap with hot water.

-To clean and maintain the inside of the grill, slide the safety latch over to keep the grill lid open.

-Remove the grids, the grease pan and the heat shield.

-Vacuum out the bottom of the grill. Since wood is used in the grilling process, ash builds up in the bottom of the grill.

-Clean the RTD Sensor using a ScotchBrite pad with some Dawn Dishwashing Soap.

This sensor helps keep the proper temperature while grilling.

-Reassemble the grill after cleaning.

Heat Shield

-The Premier Model has a u-shape cutout on one end which is the end that goes over the fire unit. It fits in a slot that it slides into to prevent movement.

-The Traditional Model has 4 angles that the heat shield sits inside of.

-Center the heat shield from front to back which enables even cooking of the grill.

Grease Pan

-Take a piece of foil to line the grease pan. DO NOT fold the foil over the edge. Fold the foil down even with the 2 side edges of the grease pan and folded under on the ends.

Smokin Brothers Grills cook with convection air so to prevent hot spots the foil needs to not go over the edges of the grease pan.

-On the large end of the grease pan, crease the foil around the grease drip hole.

-The short lip side of the grease pan goes to the left of the grill and the long lip side goes to the right of the grill.

-The grease pan always has an angle so the grease flows down to the grease trough and into the grease bucket.

The Grids

-Place the grids back inside of the grill.

-The long grid is a tight fit so it’s best to put the right side in at an angle and bring the left side up. Then slide and place it into place.

It’s always best to clean your grill as soon as you are done grilling. Grills clean easier when they are warm.

-Use a brass brush right on the grill or use a piece of foil.

-The Grease Bucket should be cleaned after 3-4 grillings. If grilling meats with a lot of fat, it’s best to clean the grease bucket immediately.

-The grease bucket can be set inside of the grill while the grill is cooling down to help liquefy the grease to make it easier to pour out into the trash.

-Wipe out the inside of the grease bucket with a paper towel.

-Replace the grease bucket back onto the catch.

The Wheels of the grill should be checked periodically to make sure they are tight.

-The casters of the wheels have a plunger system that can loosen over time.

-Use a ¾ inch wrench on the nut and tighten the plunger down on the wheels.

-If the wheels appear to sag a little bit and are loose, push the wheel back up into the leg of the grill. Use a ¾ inch wrench to tighten the nut.

Any questions on grill maintenance, call 1-877-GRILLEM (1-877-474-5536) or go to our website,

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