Simple Salmon


3 cups Apple Juice (not from concentrate)
1 cup Honey
Olive oil
Plus Kitchen Sink
Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt
One flank of salmon or 6 salmon fillets


Start your grill. Whisk the Apple juice and honey together in a large bowl. Take the salmon out of the package and rinse the salmon off under cold water. Pat the salmon dry with a towel. Dredge the salmon through the mixture several times. Now you can rub a little olive oil on the side of the salmon that will be placed on the grill (the scale side is suggested). The seasoning is can be optional but a light sprinkle of everything makes for a deliscious flavor.


Place the grill on 275. Place the salmon on the grill and close the lid. When the internal temperature of the salmon is over 155 (usually about 40 minutes but will vary on the size of the salmon) remove the salmon and serve.

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