Replacing the Controller

Unplug the grill before doing any maintenance work to the grill.

1 – Remove the two screws from the front of the controller.

2 – Pull the terminal block forward. The terminal block is where the sensor is located.

3 – Two wire are connected to the terminal block. Use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the two wires from the terminal block.

4 – The two wires have been spooled up into a loop. Undo the loop around the wire in order to replace the sensor.

5 – Open the grill and on the left side is the sensor. Remove the 5/16 inch screw.

6 – Pull the sensor completely up and out with the wires connected to it.

7 – Take the new sensor and insert it into the hole.

8 – Disconnect the controller from the grill by disconnecting all the wires to the hot rod, the muffin fan, auger motor, power plug, etc.

9 – Take the new controller and reconnect all the wires to the right components.

The purple and white wire connects to the off- white wire which is the hot rod.

The orange and white wire connects to the orange and white wire which is the muffin fan.

The wire with the red dot connects to the red and white wire which is the auger motor.

The black and white wire connects to the black and white wire which is the power cord.

10 – Insert the two small wires back into the terminal block and tighten screw using small screwdriver.

Make sure you have the wires connected correctly to the terminal block.

11 – Plug your grill back in and turn the grill on.

12 – If error code, ERH, appears, the two small wires connected to the terminal block for the sensor aren’t connected correctly.

Turn the grill off and unplug the grill.

Take a small screwdriver, disconnect the two small wires and reconnect them.

Put the terminal block back in the slot of the grill and tighten the two screws.

Any questions on grill maintenance, call 1-877-GRILLEM (1-877-474-5536) or go to our website,



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