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Smokin Brothers has a long family tradition of farming. As a tribute to our family heritage and all the farmers that work so hard to put food on our grills, Smokin Brothers introduced the Barn-B-Que (r). The Smokin Brothers Barn-B-Que provides the same easy to use steady smoking and grilling that all the Smokin Brothers grills provide, but with the look like no other. Standard feature on the Smokin Brothers Digital Dial Control is a cool down cycle when finished grilling. Weight 170 lbs with 792 sq inches cooking surface. An additional long top grid 8 x 29.5 (SB-H561) is available for purchase to add more cooking surface. Available for this grill is a Front Shelf (SB-H201) or Side Shelf (SB-H202) that easily folds down for storing. A Bottom Shelf (SB-H251) is available for storage and support.

Additional information

Weight 229 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 29 in

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  • Reusable Drip Tray Liner

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  • Stainless Steel Side Shelf (Premier and Premier Plus Models)

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  • Smokin Brothers SearMate

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  • Smokin Brothers “Butt Lifter”

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