How To Smoke Roasted Garlic Rack of Lamb

Looking for a mouth-watering main course for your next cookout? You found it!

Brian and Brian from Meat Whiskey and M&W Smokers really out did themselves on this extremely simply, yet extremely delicious take on Rack of Lamb on the Premier Plus grill.

It’s pretty clear what’s for dinner tonight!


Rack of Lamb

Roasted Garlic


M/W Smokers Stackhouse or other SPG Rub

Duck Fat Spray


  1. Remove the tops of your garlic cloves and spray with Duck Fat
  2. Place in smoker for an hour at 350 degrees or until golden brown
  3. Chop rosemary
  4. Squeeze roasted garlic into a bowl and mix with chopped rosemary
  5. Once you mix reaches a paste consistency, rub on all sides of the rack of lamb
  6. Apply a generous coat of SPG rub.
  7. Put onto smoker at 300 degrees until an internal temp of 115 degrees. (Approximately an hour and 15 minutes.)
  8. After removing from grill, allow rack to rest for 10-15 minutes before cutting.

Serve and ENJOY!

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