The Ultimate Backyard Ribeye on a Pellet Grill

Getting a good sear on a ribeye steak using your backyard pellet grill has long been nearly impossible to achieve given pellet grills are built to cook low and slow.  Some pellet grills have introduced open flame options, but this takes away from the intent of a pellet grill.  With the new Smokin Brothers SearMate accessory, you can now get the cooking surface of your pellet grill over 600 degrees while minimizing pellet use and avoiding the dreaded flare ups!

In this video, our good friend Marty Plute walks us through his process for achieving the ultimate backyard ribeye on a pellet grill.


Uncooked Ribeye Steaks

Hotty Totty – Climax AP

Johnny Joseph Steak Rub

Twisted Steel Steak Appeal

Melted Butter

Duck Fat Spray

Smokin Brothers SearMate


Step 1 – Trim steaks as needed to remove any excess fat or gristle.

Step 2 – Tenderize steaks using a tenderizer tool.

Step 3 – Apply SPG (Salt/Pepper/Garlic) rub of choice.

Step 4 – Apply steak rub or rubs of choice.  Layer for added flavor!

Step 5 – Allow steaks to get to room temperature and sweat in the rubs.

Step 6 – Turn on pellet grill to 400 degrees with SearMate installed.

Step 7 – Once cooking surface has reached 600 degrees, spray surface and steaks with Duck Fat and place ribeyes on SearMate.

Step 8 – Flip and 1/4 turn each ribeye every 1.5 minutes.

Step 9 – After four flips and turns, sprinkle with butter and move ribeyes to top shelf till desired internal temperature is reached.  Remember that the meat will climb an additional 3-5 degrees after removed from grill.

Step 10 – Remove ribeyes and wrap in foil.

Step 11 – Allow steaks to rest prior to cutting.

Step 12 – Cut and Enjoy!

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