Seared, Smoked Shrimp Po’Boy

When you’re asked “What’s For Dinner?” tonight, here’s how to bring a seared and smoky BBQ flavor to a Cajun favorite:  the Shrimp Po’Boy Sandwich.

This cook includes:
🔥  Layering flavors with a base BBQ rub and a long-lingering rub that “pops”
🔥  How we double-skewer shrimp for easier handling and an even cook
🔥  Our method to prep and perfectly toast your buns
🔥  Hot and fast high-temp cooking on a wood pellet grill with the Smokin’ Brothers SearStation

Our Shrimp Po’Boys are served sizzlin’ hot and golden brown on toasted hoagies, covered in a homemade jalapeno slaw, and drizzled with a BBQ cocktail sauce.  Feel free to follow along on the video with Brother Ryan and our good friend Marty Plute with Twisted Steel.


One bun per sandwich, we used a seeded hoagie.

Peeled, de-veined shrimp. Enough to fill each sandwich, depending on size. (we used 6-7 per)

A base BBQ rub: we used Smokin Brothers “Butt The Kitchen Sink.”

A flavor blast rub: Twisted Steel Steak Appeal


2 skewers per sandwich

Duck Fat or similar spray

Jalapeno slaw or a favorite traditional garnish

BBQ Cocktail sauce (1/3 cup Junior’s Jamacian sauce, 1tbsp horseradish)


-Begin by ensuring shrimp are thawed, peeled, and deveined.

-Start your grill, set to 400°.  This will heat your SearStation surface to over 500°.

-Open the buns and spread mayonnaise on both the top and bottom inside.  Set aside.

-Spread your shrimp on foil or a similar surface.  Sprinkle on base rub, then second rub. Flip, re-season, then mix them all together.

-Skewer each shrimp twice, once on the wider end and once on the thinner end.  Leave a gap for even cooking.

-Fill each pair of skewers with enough shrimp to fill one sandwich.

-For extra flavor, dust lightly with seasoning one more time.

-Set the shrimp on your grill, or on your SearStation for extra high-temp cooking.

-Cook for 5 minutes, spritz with Duck Fat, and flip shrimp.

-At this time also add coated buns to the grill

-Cook the buns until they reach the level of “toasted” you like (3-5 minutes)

-After another 5 minutes or so check the shrimp look done and have turned a deep golden color

-To serve, put one skewer of shrimp into your buns, and top with your favorite slaw and a drizzle of BBQ Cocktail sauce.

From our family to your family, make it a great BBQ Day!

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