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The Smokin Brothers “36” Premier Grill comes standard with the PID Program Control, double wall insulated fire box, four multi-directional casters and the convenience of a built in work surface with the front loading hopper design. The “36” is for the enthusiast that likes to cook for the neighborhood or just simply wants to cook the whole family meal on the grill for a culinary delight. With the purchase of a Built in Kit (SB-H136) this grill can be inserted into an outdoor kitchen. Weight 235 lbs with 976 sq inches of cooking surface. An additional long top grid 8 x 35.5 (SB-H513) is available for purchase to add more cooking surface. Available for this grill is a Side Shelf (SB-H201) that easily folds down for storing.

Key Features

Center Smoke Stack – Promotes even temperature across the grill surface.

1-Inch Double Wall Insulated Fire Box – Cook all year long.

Electronic Igniter – It does not get any easier. Hit the button and go.

State-Of-The-Art Digital Controller – Maintain temperatures with 1 degree.

Welded Frame – You can’t get a sturdier base. Stop tightening bolts.

20-Pound Front Hopper – Plenty of fuel and an awesome work surface.

Sloped Hopper – Use all your pellets with none left behind on flat spots.

4-Inch Locking Casters – Easy movement only when you want it moved.

1/4 Inch Porcelain Coated Grates – Increased heat retention.

Fully Wrapped 12-Gauge Lid – No impact from wind and exterior weather.

Divided Grid Surface – Makes for easy cleaning.

Straight Vertical Drop Grease System – Avoids grease dams and fires.

Covered Grease Bucket – Prevents rain overflow and nasty messes.

Included Meat Probe – Track internal meat temperatures for precise cooks.

Side Probe Entry – Prevents bending or damage to the meat probe.

Built-In Capability – Accessory kit available for built-in applications 

Grill Capacity

Racks of Baby Backs
Racks of Ribs
Pork Butts
Pork Butts
Whole Chicken
Whole Chickens

The Smokin Brothers Difference

When we say American Made, we mean it. All of our grills are manufactured in our southeast Missouri plant. Unlike many of our competitors, your grill purchase is produced and shipped here in the great US of A!
We are a family-owned business and it shows.  When you reach out, you hear from a member of the family and we do what it takes to get you taken care of!
Our center-stack design, 1/4-inch grid system, and 10-pound hopper ensure you will have consistent and over-the-top cooks every time you turn your grill on.
Whether it’s the welded frame, our 4-inch locking casters, or the double wall insulated fire box, our grills are built to last and will be a cornerstone of your patio for years to come.

Here's What Grill Owners Have to Say!

Smokin’ Brothers also doesn’t require you to buy hundreds of dollars in accessories to make it better, it’s already top notch when you get it!

Douglas J. - Grill Owner

Thank you guys for producing hands down the best pellet smoker on the market and sticking to their roots and keeping production in MO!

David M. - Grill Owner

This thing is built like a tank – heavy duty everywhere. Just no comparison on build quality & materials when compared to the ‘famous’ national brands of pellet smokers.

Bob J. - Grill Owner

Smokin Brothers clearly builds their products for the “long haul”, whereas many of the other brands out there are tinny, lightweight, and, in my opinion, just plain CHEAP!

Tom J. - Grill Owner

Additional information

Weight 280 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 35 × 45 in


  1. Douglas Floyd

    I have owned my 36” Premier for about seven years and could not be happier with it.

    Most of the time it has been used in a commercial setting and for about a year and a half it was ran four days a week 6-8 hours a day and it is held up remarkably. Grills look like they are brand new and structurally it is still very solid.

    Also their customer service is amazing. Anytime I have any questions they are really quick to get back to me.

    So glad that I decided to go with Smokin Brothers.

  2. Trish Craig

    Hands down the best smoker out there. The powder coat finish is superb and the casters make moving this when needed a breeze. I rarely get the cover put on because I use it all the time. the only wish I have is to be able to put a turkey in there without wrangling the top shelf out.

  3. Bruno

    I have owned my P36 for almost three years and love the versatility it offers, smoking, baking , and really just about anything you want to try. But the ease of use, and cleaning , make it a breeze. Truly a solid built quality grill my only regret is having to run the temp probe out of the chimney.

  4. howard grisham

    cook on time set no over cook easy to set cook time no over heat like gas gill no flame up like gas gill set and gill does the rest

  5. Eric Snos

    I have had several grills over the years and none compare to my Premier 36. A very solid built grill and a has a very large grate area. It makes some of the best BBQ I have ever made. This grill is good for any type of cooking you want from Pork to Beef to Beer Brats to Pies. It will do it all!!! Highly recommended!!

  6. Christopher K Wand

    I’ve had my grill going on 3 years in October. Other than a scare I had in September 2018 with what we thought was the RTD and hot rod I got a little shaky and almost lost hope. It ended up being the PID once I replaced it the grill has been rock solid. The grill has regained my trust so now I feel comfortable starting it up and let it go while I do chores or get in a few hours of sleep during long cooks.

  7. Dennis Wilson

    This is great pellet grill. It smokes good. Never burn food. Put the meat on, set the temperature and walk away. I recommend it 110%!!!!! I need a Smokin Brothers cap to go along with grill!!!!

  8. Larry D Mullins

    I have owned my P36 since Feb 2018 and have been very pleased with its consistency and reliability. It has been an absolute workhorse for me cooking for numerous large parties and family gatherings…People can’t believe that it is a pellet grille with the results it produces. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase as a new convert to the Pellet grille world and look forward to many yrs of enjoyment cooking for friends and family.

    • Jason

      Happy to have you as part of the family Larry!

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