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The Smokin Brothers “30” Traditional BBQ Grill gives the added space for a large family or the person who takes barbequing very seriously. This grill allows for plenty of room for the main course and side dishes to be cooked at the same time. Standard feature on the Smokin Brothers Digital Dial Control is a cool down cycle when finished grilling. Weight 160 lbs with 792 sq inches cooking surface. An additional long top grid 8 x 29.5 (SB-H561) is available for purchase to add more cooking surface. Available for this grill is a Front Shelf (SB-H201) or Side Shelf (SB-H202) that easily folds down for storing. A Bottom Shelf (SB-H251) is available for storage and support.

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Weight 205 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 29 in


  1. Ralph DeSantis

    Great ribs & brisket . So much easier than babysitting a charcoal or propane smoker. There is definitely a learning curve with a pellet smoker. Also, I only use Smokin Brothers pellets . No cheap fillers. You get what you pay for.

  2. Thomas Davenport

    Absolutely among the best purchases I’ve ever made. We’ve had this one for several years now and it is so easy to use. The end result is incredible dining. We are very happy with the grill. TAD

  3. Craig meredith

    Hands down best built smoker on the market heavy duty and reliable! There rubs and sauces are also great my fav is the butt the kitchen sink.

  4. Tim Dishman

    Set it and forget it. The best ribs, salmon, chicken or anything way to cook your favorite meals. Veggies, pizzas, corn on the cob are flavored like nothing you’ve ever tasted. We’ve had our Smokin Brothers pellet grill for almost ten years and the best salesman for it is the taste of the food! We use ours year round wouldn’t sell it for anything. As a matter of fact, we’re moving to Arizona from Indiana and the smoker is definitely coming with us.

  5. Ernie Emig

    Best smoker I’ve ever bought. So easy to use. Excellent ribs, briskets, pork butts for pulled pork. My wife even fires it up to cook pork chops, burgers and brats

  6. David Wood

    I wish that I had a grill like this 20 years ago it’s simply the best grill that I’ve ever used. I even let my wife use it so she can enjoy the experience of cooking on a top notch grill. We just set it and forget it . And the food that comes off is phenomenal .

  7. Mitch Mantz

    Love this grill/smoker. The meats are the best. All our family and friends that have tried the food are amazed at the flavor, and tenderness’s. One of the best purchases we have ever made.

  8. Roy Dale Jr.

    I look at all the so called famous pellet grills and called several o the phone. I learned that MOST are from CHINA. USA made is by far the best made after comparig all the models . I neww to pellet grills but this grill has been amazing .

  9. Todd M Long

    I have had this smoker since I believe 2012 serial number 000217. I was a competition BBQ’er for 10 years before being diagnosed with Cancer and could no longer whole log smoke. After discovering the versatility, ease, convenience and reliability of the Smokin Brothers smoker I could enjoy my favorite hobby without being 100% healthy it was great therapy! I love the USA made heavy gauge steel and great powder coating. I have left mine out in the Colorado elements since new and have never covered it up and with a little elbow grease last week cleaned up like new!! No rust at all and the electronics are perfect. I do use it once a week or more year round even @ -20 below (like to smoke cheese in the Winter!) I also enter about 8-10 BBQ competitions a Summer, win about 4 or 5 depending on the meat used in the competition I even won a cook off where the 1st place prize was a Treager Smoker or $750 cash, I took the cash they can have their made in China assembled in USA crap. Smokin Brothers is 100% American made by Americans! I do use my 10 foot pull behind smoker for big events but have modified it to have 2 SB pellet boxes and burners on each end with center exhaust and can load almost a 100lbs of their amazing 100% wood pellets in it. The 4 boxes allow me to make my own pellet blend or you can just make your own blend in a 5 gallon bucket with a good lid and add the mix to your Smokin Brothers smoker. Currently I am building a bigger pull behind one but it is hard to justify tearing apart 4 more perfectly good smokers to do it! Built the last big smoker out of ones from C list and Ebate. Best pellets anywhere I MEAN ANY WHERE I HAVE TRIES THEM ALL! they are the only ones that will give you award winning results each and every time!! Don’t accept substitutes with fillers and God knows what else. Thank you for building such an amazing product! I believe God gave me your smoker to help me to be passionate about life and pleasing other people with the gift of excellence BBQ as I have now had Cancer 4 times and that smoke cleanses the body and lifts the Soul and keeps me going.

  10. David Winberry

    Had my 30T for about a year. We absolutely love it even my wife uses it. Couldn’t be easier to use. I do recommend using the SB pellets the cheaper ones don’t maintain temp as well. And Ryans youtube videos are a great help in making the change to a pellet grill.

  11. Ervin Cliff

    Continue to have heat control issues. Variance +/- 20 from set point. Good support but issue not resolved. I have “learned “to cook with this variance and love the grill.

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