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The Smokin Brothers “30” Premier Wood Pellet Grill has become our most popular grill. This grill comes with the same standard features as our Premier “24” and Premier “36”, the PID Program Control, double wall insulated fire box, four multi-directional casters and the convenience of a built in work surface with the front loading hopper design.

With the purchase of a Built in Kit (SB-H130) this grill can be inserted into an outdoor kitchen.

Weight 205 lbs with 792 sq inches cooking surface. An additional long top grid 8 x 29.5 (SB-H561) is available for purchase to add more cooking surface. Available for this grill is a Side Shelf (SB-H201) that easily folds down for storing.

Key Features

Center Smoke Stack – Promotes even temperature across the grill surface.

1-Inch Double Wall Insulated Fire Box – Cook all year long.

Electronic Igniter – It does not get any easier. Hit the button and go.

State-Of-The-Art Digital Controller – Maintain temperatures with 1 degree.

Welded Frame – You can’t get a sturdier base. Stop tightening bolts.

20-Pound Front Hopper – Plenty of fuel and an awesome work surface.

Sloped Hopper – Use all your pellets with none left behind on flat spots.

4-Inch Locking Casters – Easy movement only when you want it moved.

1/4 Inch Porcelain Coated Grates – Increased heat retention.

Fully Wrapped 12-Gauge Lid – No impact from wind and exterior weather.

Divided Grid Surface – Makes for easy cleaning.

Straight Vertical Drop Grease System – Avoids grease dams and fires.

Covered Grease Bucket – Prevents rain overflow and nasty messes.

Included Meat Probe – Track internal meat temperatures for precise cooks.

Side Probe Entry – Prevents bending or damage to the meat probe.

Built-In Capability – Accessory kit available for built-in applications 

Grill Capacity

Racks of Baby Backs
Racks of Ribs
Pork Butts
Pork Butts
Whole Chicken
Whole Chickens

The Smokin Brothers Difference

When we say American Made, we mean it. All of our grills are manufactured in our southeast Missouri plant. Unlike many of our competitors, your grill purchase is produced and shipped here in the great US of A!
We are a family-owned business and it shows.  When you reach out, you hear from a member of the family and we do what it takes to get you taken care of!
Our center-stack design, 1/4-inch grid system, and 10-pound hopper ensure you will have consistent and over-the-top cooks every time you turn your grill on.
Whether it’s the welded frame, our 4-inch locking casters, or the double wall insulated fire box, our grills are built to last and will be a cornerstone of your patio for years to come.

Here's What Grill Owner's Have to Say!

Smokin’ Brothers also doesn’t require you to buy hundreds of dollars in accessories to make it better, it’s already top notch when you get it!

Douglas J. - Grill Owner

Thank you guys for producing hands down the best pellet smoker on the market and sticking to their roots and keeping production in MO!

David M. - Grill Owner

This thing is built like a tank – heavy duty everywhere. Just no comparison on build quality & materials when compared to the ‘famous’ national brands of pellet smokers.

Bob J. - Grill Owner

Smokin Brothers clearly builds their products for the “long haul”, whereas many of the other brands out there are tinny, lightweight, and, in my opinion, just plain CHEAP!

Tom J. - Grill Owner

Additional information

Weight 235 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 35 × 45 in


  1. Rick Morphew

    We had never owned a smoker of any kind. We purchased the P30 in March of ‘17. After a couple months of comparison shopping we decided Smokin’ Brothers was the make we were going with. American made and there were 2 dealers close to us. Smokin’ Brothers customer service has been phenomenal. Initially the price point was a concern, however we have not regretted one bit spending the extra dollars for a quality product. This grill has proven to be a stress busting hobby for me. Thanks to Ryan and crew, along with my local dealer Shuee’s.

    • Jason

      Thanks Rick! Life is too short for stress. Get your smoke on!

  2. John Dickherber

    Finally Bought the Premier 30 and so far it’s been Great. It is unbelievable how well it holds Temperatures on this cold snowy weekends we have been having. It took me 3 years to find the Grill I wanted. Found Smokin Brothers when looking for Missouri made products and glad I did. Bought it locally at Hackmann Lumber Co. and they did a great job putting it together for me. Just go to there Website and listen to Ryan talk about the Grills and you will see the Pride he has in this company. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment from this Grill. Thanks Smokin Brothers !!
    John Dickherber

  3. Randy Willis

    I did much research to find the smoker we wanted. Knew it would be a one-time purchase. Love it and the joy it gives us !! Wouldn’t trade it for any other!

  4. Rob Yust

    I owned 2 other smokers prior to purchasing the Smokin Brothers Premier. The quality between the 3 smokers is like night and day. The Smokin Brothers is extremely sturdy and maintains its heat very well. My cooking time was greatly reduced due to heat that is retained now. I looked around at various smokers and it was a hands down easy choice with the premier. I smoke very frequently now and all year round. Thanks for such a great product.

  5. Matt Mansfield

    I’ve owned my Smokin Brothers P30 for 8 months now. I’ve cooked on it several times and am very happy with the results. The grill works flawless keeping even heat throughout the cook. This was great addition to my outdoor kitchen and fit in the space perfectly. I primarily use the grill to smoke and the results are very consistent but took me a few cooks to figure out how to get the smoke where I like. Easy to operate and overall great product.

  6. William Sparks

    I received the Premier 30 as a gift from a very dear friend in 2017. I had never had a smoker of any kind and had always used Gas grills. Dutch Valley Meats delivered the Smoker and when we unloaded it I could tell it was realk just from the weight of it at 205 lbs. They also delivered some pellets and some Pork steaks with it. The computer control is second to none and maintains temp almost as good as a oven. Thanks to the Eftink family and the employees of the company is has been a very special experience learning to smoke some very good meals.
    The dealer has been very helpful as well. A quality product and something to be very proud of these days. BUY AMERICAN!!!!!

  7. Bob Johnson

    I’ve had the Smokin Brothers Premier 30″ smoker for about 3 years now. I’m really glad I went with the larger 30″ size. I stick mainly to brisket & pork shoulder but the Thanksgiving turkeys now get brined and roasted (not smoked) every year in the Premier (it will hold 2 turkey’s in pans). One time for an event I got 6 pork shoulders in at once!

    This thing is built like a tank – heavy duty everywhere. Just no comparison on build quality & materials when compared to the ‘famous’ national brands of pellet smokers. It is a great thing to just set the temp and let the smoker do it’s thing without having to tend to it. With the insulation in the Premier model – I can smoke all year long.

    Ryan and the gang are great as well. I had one issue early on which resulted in my learning about higher temps and fruitwood -vs- hardwood pellets (see tip #1 below). I called Ryan and he walked me through what to do – then checked back with me later on a weekend to make sure things were going well.

    Here are some tips that I’d like to share about using the Premier pellet smokers.

    1. If you want cooking something requiring higher temperatures (e.g. Thanksgiving turkey) – be sure to use hardwood pellets instead of pure fruitwood pellets. Using fruitwood pellets alone when going for higher than 200’s temps can cause the fire box to clog up. I have been using Oak pellets for the turkeys which cook at 375.

    2. I use 2 – 12″ a-maz-n smoking tubes every time to get more smoke on the meat. Just set them on the right side of the grill and light them up (I use a propane torch to get them going). They’ll run for about 4 hours which is perfect.

    3. Line the drip tray with wide heavy duty foil – makes cleanup much easier when the drip tray gets too many drippings on it.

    4. For smoking brisket & pork shoulder I use Hickory pellets in the grill and apple pellets in the a-maz-n tubes. This gives me great results.

    5. When smoking pork shoulder have your butcher cut each shoulder into 4 pieces (quarters). They’ll cook a bit faster and also give you way more of that yummy ‘bark’ in the finished product.

    Thanks Smokin Brothers for making such a great and versatile product!

  8. Denny Dean

    I’ve had my P30 for about 3years now and love it. Being made in the U.S. was a big selling point for me. Their customer service is outstanding. I had a problem with the controller and Ryan called me to troubleshoot it on the phone. When we couldn’t get it working he sent a new one out immediately and when it arrived talked me through the installation. You won’t get that kind of service on a grill made in China!

  9. David Mattes

    I looked at various pellet grills before purchasing a Premier 30” in May of 2018. I could not be happier with my decision. I never had owned a smoker before and its changed the way we cook around the house and the quality this smoker produces. It’s hard for me to go to any BBQ joints any more because I know I do better with my Smokin Brothers. The number one thing that has made the purchase of this grill worth it is the customer service from Ryan he is very passionate and knowledgeable about their products and will walk you thru any issues or questions you might encounter no matter what day or time it is. Thank you guys for producing hands down the best pellet smoker on the market and sticking to their roots and keeping production in MO!

  10. Todd Thieke

    I have gone thru 4 igniters in one and a half years. I have to stay by its side when I lite the pellets because I don’t trust that it will always lite. I like the way it smokes but dependability is what matters. I don’t trust this grill to ignite all the time

  11. Larry Brindley

    I purchased my P 30 two years ago and love it, best thing I ever purchased, thank you Smokin Brothers

  12. John

    We have had the P30 grill about 3 years now and it is great. The only thing I could complain about is the that the paint is flacking off on top between the grill and the pellet box. It appears the heat is very high and causes rust under the paint. I cleaned the area with light sandpaper and painted with high temperature paint and it still flakes off. Also for the money a temperature probe would be nice.

  13. Tom J.

    After using only gas grills all of our livess, both my wife and I were at least interested in the idea of a wood smoker. As I began doing some research, I began to learn that all smokers are most certainly NOT created equal! In fact, we were initially drawn toward another brand that does all kinds of TV and media marketing… That said, once I’d had the opportunity to go and look at the Smokin Brothers line of products, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind which brand was and is superior. Smokin Brothers clearly builds their products for the “long haul”, whereas many of the other brands out there are tinny, lightweight, and, in my opinion, just plain CHEAP!
    Like many others, we initially hesitated somewhat because of price but then we began to realize that, in reality, they are pretty well in line with the cost of purchasing a higher-end gas grill. (which wouldn’t even begin to give you anywhere near the results or abilities that the S.B. smokers do.)
    In the end, I purchased our Premier 30 as an anniversary gift for my wife and myself. We are now a 2-3 years down the road and we have ZERO regrets! This unit performs faithfully and predictably every time, whether you’re doing a pork butt, racks of ribs, or just throwing some burgers on…
    We love it and – not only WOULD we recommend it to others, but we HAVE on multiple occasions!
    Great job, guys!

  14. Douglas Johansen

    I was between this grill and a Big Green Egg. I’m very glad I chose Smokin’ Brothers! I’m glad I can support a southern Missouri company, and can call and talk to the owner if I have any questions instead of getting a call center and not knowing who you’ll speak to is wonderful! Everyone I know who owns a BGE always talks about having to babysit their grill. I don’t want to spend my time continuously watching the temp gauge and making adjustments. I love how you can just set the temperature and walk away. Smokin’ Brothers also doesn’t require you to buy hundreds of dollars in accessories to make it better, it’s already top notch when you get it!

  15. Dale Varner

    Bought this smoker over a year ago with local dealer. The dealer had all the major brands and recommended this one. Thinks that I like:
    very solid construction
    easy to use and clean
    electronics dial in easily and stay on temp
    lots of support videos
    front hopper that also functions as a work space
    American family made

  16. Mike Robey

    I have used this grill for several years and haven’t found a flaw. The best grill of this type out there. Made in USA!!! I highly recommend it. You won’t be sorry.

  17. Joseph Taylor

    I bought my Premier 30 in July 2019 and this machine has worked flawlessly. The temperature control and heat distribution is amazing! I have cooked a lot of meat, vegetables, and desserts on this grill! I highly recommend Smokin Brothers Grills!

    • Jason

      Excellent! We love having you in the family!

  18. Dan

    My wife and I did a lot of research before purchasing our grill . We purchased our grill from Hartrich Meats in St Marie, Illinois . A friend of ours highly recommended this grill and to purchase from Hartrich’s. We couldn’t be more satisfied. It has been perfect. The Grill is Awesome and Hartrich’s was awesome to buy from . The grill is Heavy duty and it maintains the correct temperature at all times.

    • Jason

      Thanks for the kind words Dan. Make sure to share some pics of your cooks with us if you are on Facebook or Instagram!

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