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The Smokin Brothers “30” Premier PLUS Wood Pellet Grill has become our most popular grill. This grill comes with the same standard features as our Premier “24” and Premier “36”, the PID Program Control, double wall insulated fire box, four multi-directional casters and the convenience of a built in work surface with the front loading hopper design.

With the purchase of a Built in Kit (SB-H130) this grill can be inserted into an outdoor kitchen.

Weight 205 lbs with 792 sq inches cooking surface. An additional long top grid 8 x 29.5 (SB-H561) is available for purchase to add more cooking surface. Available for this grill is a Side Shelf (SB-H201) that easily folds down for storing.

PLEASE NOTE – With the incredible popularity of the new Premier PLUS grills, we are working as fast as we can to catch up with the demand and are shipping FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. You can expect a shipping delay of around 2 weeks. If you have a local dealer in your area check there first. Visit our Dealer Locator by CLICKING HERE.

It's YOUR TURN to Outcook Your Neighbors


Take your cooking surface up to over 600 degrees without the fear of flare ups, while minimizing pellet consumption.​


The lid to our front-loading hopper and the rain cap for our center smoke stack have been converted to Stainless Steel.​


Our top grid has been converted to a slide-out to allow for easier access and removal.​


A small but equally HUGE addition is a pair of hangers added to the front of the grill for hanging up to two top grids or other grilling accessories. ​


An easy-to-access pellet dump has been added to the hopper to allow for easy removal and change of pellets​


An additional 3″ has been added to the height of our grills allowing for even more cooking area for larger cuts of meat on both top and bottom grids.​


The Premier PLUS comes standard with one Meat Probe, but our port is larger to allow for multiple probes to be inserted without running under our 12-gauge steel lid.​

Standard on ALL Premier Grills

Center Smoke Stack – Promotes even temperature across the grill surface.

1-Inch Double Wall Insulated Fire Box – Cook all year long.

Electronic Igniter – It does not get any easier. Hit the button and go.

State-Of-The-Art Digital Controller – Maintain temperatures with 1 degree.

Welded Frame – You can’t get a sturdier base. Stop tightening bolts.

20-Pound Front Hopper – Plenty of fuel and an awesome work surface.

Sloped Hopper – Use all your pellets with none left behind on flat spots.

4-Inch Locking Casters – Easy movement only when you want it moved.

1/4 Inch Porcelain Coated Grates – Increased heat retention.

Fully Wrapped 12-Gauge Lid – No impact from wind and exterior weather.

Divided Grid Surface – Makes for easy cleaning.

Straight Vertical Drop Grease System – Avoids grease dams and fires.

Covered Grease Bucket – Prevents rain overflow and nasty messes.

Included Meat Probe – Track internal meat temperatures for precise cooks.

Side Probe Entry – Prevents bending or damage to the meat probe.

Built-In Capability – Accessory kit available for built-in applications 

Grill Capacity

Racks of Baby Backs
Racks of Ribs
Pork Butts
Pork Butts
Whole Chicken
Whole Chickens

The Smokin Brothers Difference

When we say American Made, we mean it. All of our grills are manufactured in our southeast Missouri plant. Unlike many of our competitors, your grill purchase is produced and shipped here in the great US of A!
We are a family-owned business and it shows.  When you reach out, you hear from a member of the family and we do what it takes to get you taken care of!
Our center-stack design, 1/4-inch grid system, and 10-pound hopper ensure you will have consistent and over-the-top cooks every time you turn your grill on.
Whether it’s the welded frame, our 4-inch locking casters, or the double wall insulated fire box, our grills are built to last and will be a cornerstone of your patio for years to come.

Here's What Grill Owner's Have to Say!

Smokin’ Brothers also doesn’t require you to buy hundreds of dollars in accessories to make it better, it’s already top notch when you get it!

Douglas J. - Grill Owner

Thank you guys for producing hands down the best pellet smoker on the market and sticking to their roots and keeping production in MO!

David M. - Grill Owner

This thing is built like a tank – heavy duty everywhere. Just no comparison on build quality & materials when compared to the ‘famous’ national brands of pellet smokers.

Bob J. - Grill Owner

Smokin Brothers clearly builds their products for the “long haul”, whereas many of the other brands out there are tinny, lightweight, and, in my opinion, just plain CHEAP!

Tom J. - Grill Owner

Additional information

Weight 235 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 35 × 47 in


  1. Ryan Newswander (verified owner)

    The premier plus 30 is awesome. The side shelf is a must, although the front hopper lid is helpful. I went through 20# of pellets in the first 2 weeks, I keep finding new ways to use it. The insulated fire box makes a huge difference. I had a slight mix up with parts, but Ryan quickly made it right. Great customer service and a great American made product!
    If you are on the fence about a pellet grill, the premier plus is definitely the way to go. Just buy one now, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. William Geittmann

    This pellet grill is the bomb! I did a fair amount of research on pellet grills before pulling the trigger on this grill. I not only looked at reviews, I was also determined to purchase a pellet grill made entirely in the USA of all USA components. I’ve owned this grill for two weeks now and I’ve been extremely pleased! I had a komando grill for 20 plus years but had problems maintaining a constant temperature. I’m not one to sit up all night babysitting a grill. My first brisket on this grill was the best I’d ever tasted!! It was also done in record time!! I’ve smoked seafood and even made the donut bread pudding from this website!! All the leftovers disappeared quickly. My stepson remarked the other night that I nailed it with this grill in food taste! He’s never complimented me on my cooking before! If you’re seriously considering a pellet grill you will not be disappointed in this grill. It is also half the cost of other US made pellet grills. Needless to say my komando grill is now up for sale!! All the support from everyone at Smokin Brothers has been great! I cannot say enough about the quality of this grill. And it’s all made in Chaffee, MO!! Not in China!!

    • Jason

      Thanks for the kind words. We are thrilled that you are happy with the purchase and that you have joined the family!

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