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The Smokin Brothers “20” Little Brother BBQ Grill is ready to travel, take it anywhere easily on the go camping and tailgate. It is the perfect size for any family that wants to start mastering backyard cooking techniques. It allows you to smoke, bake, grill and sear with the heavy duty porcelain grids. The Smokin Brothers Digital dial control features a cool down cycle when finished grilling. Weight 100 lbs with 370 sq inches cooking surface.

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Weight 148 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 29 in


  1. Diane Stephen

    We actually have the 20″ on legs like the 30″ but don’t see it listed anymore. We LOVE it. It is just the right size for us. There is plenty of room to cook for ourselves and for guests if we want. What makes it nice is it’s also small enough to be able to keep in the garage. We have had this for a little over two years and have done all kinds of cooks on it, including in the middle of Michigan winters which can be pretty brutal. Our latest cook (last night) was two of our favorite items – a braided pork tenderloin and an apple cobbler. We’ve done burgers, chicken, turkey, meatloaf and can’t even remember what else off the top of my head, with all of it coming out great! We are very happy and satisfied with this pellet grill and would recommend it to anyone!

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