How to Inject and Prepare A Smoked Turkey

It goes without saying that the star of any Thanksgiving Day feast is the turkey especially when you choose a smoked turkey. Our friends from Meat Whiskey and M/W Smokers absolutely nailed this recipe, and it is amazing how simple and straight forward the recipe is. Give it a try this year. Warning that you will likely be stuck doing the turkey for years to come!


Your choice of an injection for the smoked turkey

Injector Needle

Turkey (thawed)

Butcher Twine

M/W Smokers Stackhouse or other SPG Rub

Twisted Steel Steak Appeal


1. Unpackage the turkey and remove the innards and gizzards.

2. Tuck the wings behind the breast.

3. Tie the legs together

4. Inject your turkey, hitting the legs, breast and thighs. You’ll know when you’ve got enough in any given area when you can see the injection spilling out. We used half a bottle, but feel free to use as little or as much as you’d like.

5. Coat all surfaces thoroughly with your rubs

6. It’s time to cook. Put the turkey onto your smoker at 325F until the breast hits an internal temp of 165F, and the thighs/dark meat hit an internal temp of 175F. This process should take around 3 hours.

7. While your turkey cooks, every hour or so, give it a nice dusting of some duck fat.

8. Once the smoked turkey is cooked, pull the turkey off the grill and wrap it in foil and let it rest for about 30 minutes.

9. Unwrap the foil, carve it up, serve and ENJOY!

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