The GAME CHANGER Has Arrived

The BRAND NEW Smokin Brothers HeatWave can be used to help you sear steak, and so much more on nearly all Wood Pellet Grill brands.

The HeatWave from Smokin Brothers finally makes it possible to sear steak, explode brats, char fat, and so much more on wood pellet grills.

Wood pellet grills are designed to make cooking easier by eliminating the threat of flare-ups.  In an effort to make searing possible, pellet grill manufacturers have developed “Direct Flame” options, but this re-introduces the possibility of flare ups and other accessories currently available require taking your grill apart.  So much for easy cooking!

The HeatWave redirects the heat from the burner directly onto the grate, creating a high heat cooking surface without the threat of flare-ups, and you don’t have to take your grill apart!

HeatWave on Grill



1 – Make sure your grates and drip pan are clean.  Remember this is High Heat cooking, so dirty grills can catch fire.

2 – The closer you are to the heat wave the higher the air temp will be which helps with charring if the fat and deeper grill marks.

3 – You will have to flip the food.

4 – Turn your food 90⁰ once per side to create the diamond look.

5 – DO NOT touch the waves while cooking. They are VERY HOT!

6 – Dishwasher safe and to bring the shine back, Bar Keepers Friend is an awesome product to use to achieve this.

7 – Show us what you create by typing #SBHEATWAVE in all your social media posts.


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