Crispy & Sizzling Bacon-Wrapped Bratwurst on a Pellet Grill

How can we make a family favorite – grilled bratwurst – even more delicious?  Try this:

    🔥  Grilling on a smoker for added flavor

    🔥  Wrapping them in bacon coated in tasty rubs

    🔥  Sizzling and crisping them at high heat on the SearMate™ 

In our video, brother Ryan and our good friend Marty Plute with Twisted Steel shows us how to prepare and wrap the bacon to take this backyard BBQ staple to the “Outcook Your Neighbors” level.  Bacon-wrapped bratwurst – that’s What’s For Dinner.


Uncooked bratwurst.  You can use any favorites from your local butcher.  We used cheddar brats, bacon cheddar, and jalapeno swiss for a variety of flavors.

Bacon:  2 slices per bratwurst

Smokin Brothers Butt The Kitchen Sink

Twisted Steel Steak Appeal

Brown Sugar

Aluminum foil, toothpicks

Smokin Brothers SearMate


  1. Pre-cook the bacon a little, until it starts to glisten and release some fat.
  2. When ready to cook, set your SearMate in your grill and start it up, setting temperature to 400 degrees.
  3. While the grill heats up, lay the bacon on a sheet of aluminum foil.
  4. Give one side of the bacon a generous shaking of your base rub (Plus the Kitchen Sink), then your bonus flavor rub (Twisted Steel Steak Appeal), then sprinkle brown sugar over the top.
  5. Use your hands to stir up the bacon and spread the flavors around.
  6. Wrap the pre-cooked, rubbed bacon – seasoning side out – around the bratwurst.  We used two pieces of bacon per bratwurst and three toothpicks to hold it all together.
  7. Set your bacon-wrapped bratwurst directly in the SearMate on the grates or the flat-top griddle.
  8. Cook to an internal bratwurst temperature of 160°.
  9. Remove carefully with tongs, and serve immediately with your favorite fixins.

And from our family to your family, have a great BBQ day!

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